3 C-Suite Arguments Against Launching on Snapchat—And How PR Pros Can Counter Them

September 22, 2016

Communicators know Snapchat is a powerful tool for audience engagement, but that means nothing if they’re dealing with a skeptical C-suite. Limited metrics, doubts about the platform’s staying power and a reluctance to stretch lean social media budgets further are just a few of the arguments communicators might encounter when proposing a Snapchat channel launch.

Kelly Barrett, digital marketing manager at United Way Worldwide, advises communicators to “anticipate resistance and have counterpoints ready” before approaching senior leadership with a Snapchat game plan. Below, Barrett shares some common points of resistance from senior leaders about Snapchat launches, with responses to match.

“What if Snapchat is a passing fad?”

  • Point to recent growth facts.
  • Recognize that there is inherent risk in any social media activation (including those you are already using) but in this case, the risk is minimal given resources are already in place.

“Snapchat doesn’t offer the same audience analytics that other social media platforms offer.”

  • What Snapchat lacks in demographic analytics/reporting it makes up for in flexibility and authenticity.
  • It also provides you better control of positive, on-brand messaging without risk of being co-opted by opposition or trolls.

“We can’t afford to be on a new channel.”

  • In reality, your social media program may be skewed toward channels that are not effectively hitting your target demographics, which is a waste of resources.

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By: Sophie Maerowitz, PR News

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