4 Ways the Latest Google Analytics Update Speeds Up Reporting

October 11, 2016

Good news for the communicator who relies heavily on metrics, but is often short on time: Google has announced an update designed to make the Google Analytics interface a lot simpler to navigate.

Better menu navigation. With a full list of menu options in the leftmost navigation bar, users can switch between reports much faster. The navigation bar is also now adjustable to give a viewer more room for report viewing.

Consolidated customization. Custom reports, dashboards and alerts (previously in the Admin tab) will all be accessible from the main navigation bar, instead of spread between different tabs. Users can also save shortcuts to frequently visited reports.

Faster login. The disorienting effect of opening up a report in a completely different view than the last time it was visited has been nixed, so users will more easily be able to pick up where they left off.

Adjustable default date range. For communicators that routinely gather metrics for a specified time frame (biweekly, monthly, etc.), a report’s date range can be automatically set to a default period, saving time on adjusting dates once a report has been opened. Google has set the current default range to seven days, stating that “many campaign changes, website experiments…will have impacts hidden in a 30-day view but immediately visible on a shorter timeline.”

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By: Sophie Maerowitz

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