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5 Tips for Growing Your Brand’s Blog Audience

By: Elaine Rau, Founder, LadyBossBlogger

July 29, 2019

Is your blog struggling to reach a larger audience within your target demographic? Don’t worry! A lot of other companies are having the same issue.

Here are five tips for how your brand can improve its blog presence and grow its readership.

Titles, Titles, TITLES!

Elaine Rau, Founder, LadyBossBlogger

Elaine Rau, Founder, LadyBossBlogger

Your title could be a barrier to reeling in more readers. Many businesses add titles last-minute before posting, but a blog title is one of the key elements that draws in readers. It’s not just an attention grabber, however; it also impacts SEO.

The Co-Schedule Headline Analyzer is a free tool for creating titles that drive traffic and improve search rankings. Type your headline into the search bar on their website, and get rated on your title’s word balance, use of keywords and more.

Write Guest Posts

Guest posting is a great way to reach a previously inaccessible audience. First, search for other blogs that your target audience frequently reads or may interact with. Then, reach out to the editors or main email address to ask if you can write a guest post for that blog. If your article is posted—and readers come away from reading it feeling smarter—they will follow you over to your own blog.

Share on Social Media

Add links to your social media accounts at the end of articles so that readers can tag you as they share the link. More likely than not, readers of your blog have followers that share similar interests. Every account that interacts with those posts is a new potential member of your audience.

Focus on Keywords

Blog posts are a great way to test keywords. First, pick your topic or theme. Once your article is finished, read through and note what words you’ve used the most. Next, Google the words or key phrases you used most frequently. Those search results will tell you whether or not the words you used are key words that consumers think of when searching for your business. If your brand or its competitors show up in the first page of Google results, go back and edit your article and make sure those keywords are used several times. The end result? Google’s algorithm will be able to more clearly discern the “mission: of your article or business, bringing in more traffic.

Add Links

Always link to sources you have cited or other products you may have mentioned. This will both protect you from plagiarism and help Google hone in on your business’ space and core topics. Other blogs or businesses you have mentioned in the article may notice your article via their own Google Alerts or social media monitoring efforts and repost what you have written.

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