7-Step Guide to LinkedIn’s Native Video Feature

By: Sophie Maerowitz

July 24, 2017

LinkedIn is set to unroll its native video feature in coming months, so now’s a good time to get familiar with LinkedIn video’s upload process and capabilities.

Tatiana De Almeida, a PR manager on LinkedIn’s corporate communications team, shared a 3-step guide to help communicators integrate LinkedIn video into their mobile workflow, once the feature is pushed out:linkedin, video button

  1.  From the iOS or Android LinkedIn app, go to the share box and tap the video icon.
  2. Select the video icon to start recording from the app, or upload a video from your camera roll. You can shoot footage horizontally or vertically, but don’t switch orientations mid-shot. If you’re shooting from a noisy locale, consider using headphones or an external mic.
  3. Once you’re ready to post, describe the video with a short caption and post it directly to your feed. The video will auto-play in followers’ feeds.

De Almeida also provided 4 potential use cases for LinkedIn video:

  1. Demonstrating a new product or piece of tech.
  2. Capturing front-seat footage from a live conference or event.
  3. Educating viewers with a quick tip or workflow hack.
  4. Sharing a hot take on the latest news in your industry.

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