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Editing Walkthrough: Are You Centering Your Audience in COVID-19 Updates?

By: Ann Wylie, President, Wylie Communications
June 15th, 2020

One thing I liked about a recent COVID-19 update I received from American Airlines: the length. The whole email weighed in at 172 words. One thing I didn’t like about their message: It focuses on what American Airlines put into these efforts, not on what I’ll get out of them. Instead of writing about what […]

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Email Marketing Isn’t Sexy—but You Can Still Make It Your Secret Weapon

By: Jon Chang, Adjunct Professor of Social Media and Web Analytics, NYU
February 6th, 2019

The most exciting and challenging part of digital marketing is simply keeping up with constantly changing technology, trends, and strategies. One digital marketing discipline, however, hasn’t changed nearly as much as its peers: email marketing. What’s holding it back? 1 Inbox, 1 format Unlike marketing disciplines like search, social media and display, email messages are […]

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