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What Social Marketers Need to Know About Facebook ‘Showcase’

By: Sophie Maerowitz
February 28th, 2019

This week, Facebook announced the launch of its “Showcase” feature, a program that allows brands to advertise on popular Facebook Watch videos. While the feature is referred to as a “premium video ad program” (read: big-ticket item), it’s important for brands of all sizes to note the direction in which Facebook’s advertising business is headed. […]

programmatic advertising on social media

Going Programmatic on Social? Do These 3 Things First

By: Colleen Lutolf
November 2nd, 2018

Programmatic advertising is not new, but as machine learning becomes more sophisticated, it is becoming a more important tool for social media marketers. But one thing standing in the way is of them harnessing the potential of programmatic is the process itself. And it’s an area in which social media marketers need to get up […]

‘Wild West’ No More: PR Pros Weigh in on Social Media Regulation

By: Melissa Hoffmann
September 10th, 2018

PR pros aren’t sweating the congressional scrutiny of social media and the push for new regulations, with some seeing the changes as beneficial to an industry that has long operated in opacity. The hearings last week saw Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey testify on Capitol Hill. Though the main topic was […]

Here’s Why Facebook’s New Data Transparency Will Hurt Its Ad Platform

June 4th, 2018

Much of the platform’s effectiveness at gauging key personal insights is now contingent on users opting in to have that information shared. By assuming that users will consciously share any of their personal information with advertisers once they are given the keys to the gate, Facebook takes a huge risk, one that could alter the industry-leading effectiveness of its insights.

Why Brands Should Be Wary About Using Bots to Grow Their Social Channels

By: Justin Joffe
May 17th, 2018

In this age of troll farms and social media bots, it’s important to remember that every “pay to play” tactic is subject to ethical ramifications. “Automation is the worst thing that has ever happened to social media,” says Manu Muraro, who founded the Atlanta-based agency Your Social Team to help small brands run professional social media campaigns (and spoke […]

A Quick Guide to Paid Social That Won’t Break the Bank

By: Hayley Jennings
May 11th, 2018

Though the initial appeal of social media for the C-suite may be that it’s seemingly free to use, as social media pros know, purchasing advertisements on social platforms can be one of the best ways to reach and target new audiences. But how can communicators convince their leadership to loosen the purse strings for paid […]

For Brands, YouTube’s Reach and Low Cost Still Outweigh Risk of Ads Running on Embarrassing Channels

By: Jerry Ascierto
April 20th, 2018

YouTube is once again in hot water for running ads on channels promoting disturbing content, a CNN investigation has uncovered. More than 300 organizations—including brands like Amazon, Hilton and even Facebook and LinkedIn—had their ads running on channels promoting Nazis, North Korean propaganda and pedophilia, to name a few. The problem wasn’t just limited to […]

How Brands Can Survive and Thrive in the Post-Organic Apocalypse

By: Jerry Ascierto
March 2nd, 2018

The “Facebook Apocalypse” dominated conversations at Social Media Marketing World 2018, as brands prepare for a post-organic new world order. But for marketers, the future doesn’t have to be a dystopia of direct deposits into Facebook’s bank account. By mastering short-form and live video, focusing on storytelling and remembering to keep the humanity intact, your social media strategy can shift focus away from the brand and toward the consumer.

Snapchat Redesign Puts Brands in Their Place

By: Jerry Ascierto
November 30th, 2017

Snap, Inc. has redesigned its platform to simplify the user experience, separating branded content from that of your friends, or put another way, separating “the social from the media.” But publishers and other brands may view the redesign as just another nail in the coffin of organic reach. The center of Snap is, as always, the camera. But […]

Twitter Wants You—to Pay to Play Automatically

By: Sophie Maerowitz
November 16th, 2017

Have you received an email like this one recently? If so, you’re not alone, despite the message’s implication of exclusivity. Twitter is inviting users in the U.S., the U.K. and Japan to participate in its new program, Promote Mode. As the email invitation notes, the program automatically promotes all tweets for $99 a month. What […]

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