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Communicators are Making a Difference On COVID-19. We Must Keep it Up.

By: Brad Ross, Chief Communications Officer, City of Toronto
October 5th, 2020

[Editor’s Note: Periodically, The Social Shake-Up’s sister brand PRNEWS interrupts its tactics, tips and strategies posts to offer words of encouragement to communicators. You can find the previous essay in this series here.] COVID-19 began knocking at our door in January. When we answered, we suddenly found it pounding at the back door. When we […]

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Earth Day 2020: Brand Approaches on Social Media

By: Sophie Maerowitz
April 20th, 2020

This week marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. And while many companies and individuals have pivoted their communications strategy in light of the coronavirus crisis, some are seizing the moment to draw attention to a world on the brink of environmental disaster. An increasing number of scientific publications and mainstream media editorials are calling […]

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8 Routes to Improving Your Social Good Program

By: Meredith Klenkel
October 23rd, 2019

It’s no secret that one of the biggest adjustments any social marketer makes today is adapting to the tastes of the “citizen philanthropist.” Younger and older audiences alike are bombarded by today’s constant stream of troubling news underlined by calls to action, prompting them to find favor in corporations tied to social causes. After the […]

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How to Break Through the Noise by Promoting Social Good

By: Chris Field, CEO/Founder, Mercy Project, Inc.
July 1st, 2019

Don’t look now, but it’s almost time for another big election cycle. That means social media is about to get—hmmmm—how shall I put it? Okay, fine, I’ll just say it: Many corners of the social media space are about to (once again) become toxic and terrible and will have us questioning whether logging on is […]

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4 Best Practices for Social Good Campaigns

By: Sophie Maerowitz
February 7th, 2019

“Social good” is a buzzy phrase that has been circulating for years, but what does it mean in a social marketing practice? It’s a broad umbrella term with different meanings in various contexts. For instance, some brands use it as shorthand for “a philanthropic effort conducted through social media outreach.” Others might consider their entire […]


Is Twitch the Next Frontier for Social Good Campaigns?

By: Sophie Maerowitz
January 23rd, 2019

These days, it’s tough to find a young person who hasn’t played Fortnite or spent hours streaming games on Twitch. When social marketers consider platforms to reach the youngest segment of their audience, they often turn first to Snapchat or Instagram. But what if marketers looked for young audiences where they play and have fun, […]

3 Brands Using Social for Good During Pride Month

By: Hayley Jennings
June 11th, 2018

June is Pride month, in which members of the LGBTQ community worldwide celebrate their identity and their right to live their life openly and love whom they choose. And though we still have a long way to go in the acceptance of LGBTQ people (as evidenced by Elton John’s recent call to boycott social media platforms over […]

How the Women’s March Won Social Media

By: Samantha Wood
January 25th, 2018

If your Instagram, Twitter or Facebook feed was a constant stream of images and video from the 2018 Women’s March this weekend, you were not alone. On the first anniversary of Trump’s inauguration, women (and men) took to the streets to protest the presidential administration and support fellow sisters at Women’s Marches across the country—and […]

Las Vegas Shooting: Locals Offer Help, Support

By: Ian James Wright
October 2nd, 2017

Just two weeks ago, we wrote about Facebook’s new integrated Crisis Response hub; today, that tool is facing its first sad test in the wake of the deadliest mass shooting in the history of the United States. On Oct. 1, a gunman fired into the crowd of a country music festival from the 32nd floor of the […]

Royal Caribbean Sets a Course for Hurricane Irma Relief

By: Jerry Ascierto
September 12th, 2017

The cruise ship industry, much like the airline industry, is often on the wrong end of crisis communications. But Hurricane Irma has given Royal Caribbean the chance to show its humanitarian side, even as it deals with pressing customer service issues. The Miami-based company is mobilizing four of its ships to help people in need, […]

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