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What’s Shakin’: Social Strategy

Here’s Why TikTok Isn’t a Passing Fad

By: Sophie Maerowitz
March 14th, 2019

Seasoned marketers often dismiss a new app as a flash in the pan. Just because a new platform gets the spotlight at SXSW doesn’t mean that it will become a useful tool in a marketer’s arsenal down the line. (Nor should it, if it doesn’t connect to your brand’s overarching goals.) While Snapchat was initially […]

oscars winners holding trophies

How the Best Oscars Acceptance Speeches Can Help You Win at Social Media

By: Carmen Collins, Senior Social Media & Talent Brand Manager, Cisco
February 25th, 2019

Let’s be honest: For the most part, the Oscars are a “Hollywood thing.” We watch the red carpet closely so we can know who wore what. We snooze, multi-task or go get a snack during the first few hours (making an exception to run into the room and shout “Wakanda Forever!”) And we wait for […]

c-suite execs as employee advocates

How to Turn Your C-Suite Execs into Employee Advocates on Social

By: Scott Gerber
January 16th, 2019

Seventy-one percent of social marketers use employees as advocates and influencers on social, according to Sprout’s 2018 Social Index, so why wouldn’t that include your organization’s executives as well?  It should, of course, but in their haste to build personal brands, execs may go about the process haphazardly. Social media marketers can work with communications […]

twitter vs facebook

Twitter vs. Facebook: Content that Engages for Each Platform

By: Lucy Rendler-Kaplan
January 2nd, 2019

Sure, your company or organization’s executives may lump all of the different platforms into a large bucket and call them “social media,” but you know in order to prove social ROI you need to be more nuanced than that. While a “spray and pray” method may have worked in the past, it doesn’t anymore. Consumers […]

generational content marketing infographic

How to Optimize Your Social Content by Generation [INFOGRAPHIC]

By: Seth Arenstein
December 28th, 2018

We know segmentation works. Determining to segment your content by age is the easy part; however, identifying the channels and content types for those age groups takes a little more research. Luckily the folks at koeppeldirect, a direct response television advertising agency, has actually done that research and created an infographic that shows you the social media […]


Don’t Miss a Holiday Campaign with This 2019 Hashtag Calendar [Infographic]

By: Colleen Lutolf
December 21st, 2018

For the social media strategist campaigns around hashtag holidays, Sprout Social has just come through for you with this handy infographic that includes what appears to be every conceivable hashtag holiday in 2019. #NationalPizzaDay is Feb. 9 this year, not to be confused with National Pi Day (#PiDay) the following month, on March 14, or […]

social media predictions for 2019

3 Social Media Predictions for 2019

By: Carmen Collins
December 11th, 2018

Disclaimer: I’ve been asked to prognosticate before, and I was dead wrong. Such things happen in the non-exact, non-science of crystal-ball gazing. It’s that time of year: Candles are lit; presents delivered, and lists about predictions for the New Year overflow your reading lists. But here’s what I see when I look at the stars […]

Study: Journalists’ Habits on Social and How to Leverage Them

By: Justin Joffe
November 29th, 2018

Understanding the relationship journalists have with social media is critical to any marketers’ strategy. In May, media monitoring platform Muck Rack released a co-branded study with Zeno Group, “Shareability, Credibility & Objectivity: The State of Journalism Today.” Some quick survey takeaways: More than 41 percent of journalists consider the potential “shareability” of a story when deciding […]

grow your brand

6 Ways to Grow Your Online Audience

By: Rich Thomaselli
November 8th, 2018

Facebook has 2.2 billion active monthly users, Instagram has 1 billion, LinkedIn has 562 million and Twitter has 336 million active monthly users according to the most updated statistics. Funny how it’s still difficult for some social media users to tap into that vast resource. Growing an online audience takes way more than just signing […]

The Best Times to Post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest [INFOGRAPHIC]

By: Sophie Maerowitz
November 5th, 2018

Content may be king, but even top-notch content needs to be timed strategically in order to be seen. As new social platforms grow in prominence and user habits shift, it’s worth periodically evaluating your posting cadence and strategy. Consider, for example, the number of  people routinely logging into Facebook five years ago compared to those […]

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