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How to Launch on Instagram Live

By: Casie Shimansky
November 1st, 2018

Just before the Christmas holiday in 2016, Instagram gifted its (at the time) 600 million monthly active users with a whole new space to play in – Instagram Live. Cue social media managers everywhere racing to figure out how to implement IG Live into their 2017 strategies before the Times Square ball drop two weeks […]

The Most Watched Types of Social Video [INFOGRAPHIC]

By: Justin Joffe
October 29th, 2018

Asked what type of social video they watched most, consumers’ top three responses were telling: how-to videos, lists, and clips about sales and promos. Two of these video types also translate to strategies for engagement through editorial content—the reason people read so many listicles and how-to pieces is because they want to know, upfront, how the information you are providing benefits them. It’s unsurprising, then, that providing a service to your audience through how-to content and lists provides many happy returns in video form, too.

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4 Ways Your Brand Could Be Using LinkedIn Video

By: Caroline Waxler
October 12th, 2018

For years, LinkedIn has been used by companies primarily as a recruitment tool, but few brands are using the social network as it exists today to its fullest potential. Susie Felber, Global Content Director for Withings (formerly Nokia Health), views that as a missed opportunity. “LinkedIn is a great platform. Content seems to get bubbled […]

4 Ways Facebook’s Latest VR Release Affects Social Marketers

By: Sophie Maerowitz
September 28th, 2018

“Your brand needs to be ready for VR.” While these words have been spoken at many an industry conference, some social media marketers have wondered whether it’s sensible to prepare for a technology so expensive that many companies haven’t even begun to allocate resources to virtual reality research, let alone development. But Facebook’s Oculus Connect 5 […]

10 Ways to Share the Love With Social Video

By: Seth Arenstein
August 13th, 2018

With 8 billion average daily views of video on Facebook, 4 billion+ on YouTube and one hour of video uploaded to YouTube every second, you’d need to live under a rock not to see social video becoming a preferred medium for storytelling. But how can your brand’s videos compete with excessive noise in the market? Here are ten tips that will ensure your social video garners engagement.

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The Keys to SEO Success Using YouTube

By: Sophie Maerowitz
May 31st, 2018

Type any word into Google followed by the word “video” and you’ll see a number of YouTube links load at the top of your browser. That’s because YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine next to parent company Google. And as such, it’s a crucial tool for social media marketers to make YouTube part of […]

For Brands, YouTube’s Reach and Low Cost Still Outweigh Risk of Ads Running on Embarrassing Channels

By: Jerry Ascierto
April 20th, 2018

YouTube is once again in hot water for running ads on channels promoting disturbing content, a CNN investigation has uncovered. More than 300 organizations—including brands like Amazon, Hilton and even Facebook and LinkedIn—had their ads running on channels promoting Nazis, North Korean propaganda and pedophilia, to name a few. The problem wasn’t just limited to […]

3 Tips From BuzzFeed on Interpreting Short-Form Video Analytics

By: Justin Joffe
March 15th, 2018

While an overnight change in a social platform’s algorithm might leave some startups in ruin, Chuck Lee, director of video growth analytics at Buzzfeed, says that short-form video provides an chance for media brands to read the digital tea leaves and see what content resonates best.

3 Ways to Take Social From ‘Mobile First’ to ‘Mobile Only’

By: Carmen Collins, Cisco
March 13th, 2018

Mobile-first social media is so 2017. It’s time to start thinking about social as mobile-only. Here are three things you should do to ensure that you’re not alienating the vast majority of your audience.

YouTube Cracks Down as It Stems the Tide Pod Challenge

By: Jerry Ascierto
January 19th, 2018

YouTube is trying to manage the tide of the troubling Tide Pod Challenge, deleting posts of users eating the colorful detergent packets, in the latest black eye for the platform. While the trend has prompted Tide’s parent company, Procter & Gamble, to mount a public service campaign, it also underscores YouTube’s challenges in governing its content. Advertisers already […]

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