Social Shake-Up The Social Shake-Up Show | May 22-24, 2017 in ATL
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What’s Shakin’ on February 9
Social Strategy
What Beyoncé's Record-Shattering Instagram Post Can Teach Communicators
Beyoncé announced on Instagram that she is once again pregnant, a revelation that sent the social media world into a frenzy. The post, a photo of the star posing near-nude holding her belly, won 6.4 million likes, breaking the record…
Social Strategy
How Arby's Twitter Strategy Evolved From 'The Legend of Zelda'
For Arby’s, Twitter isn’t just a platform on which to advertise, it’s a chance to delight. The fast-food chain’s evolving Twitter strategy isn’t concerned with promoting its sandwich of the month or the latest addition to its menu. Instead, Arby’s…
Speaker Spotlight: Shonduras

Shaun McBride, aka Shonduras, is Snapchat's first celebrity. He will deliver a keynote on Day 3 focused on how to utilize authentic content to successfully build your brand on social media.


THE Blog
Live Video in 2017: Why 'Scrappy' is OK
For many brands, the long-standing idea of creating video is saddled with caveats: Multiple cameras, boom mics, flood lighting and so on. But as live video has surged into the mainstream, your fans are becoming increasingly comfortable with video that looks…
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THE Blog
How Your Company Should Plan for a Fake News Attack
The term “fake news” is everywhere and with it, the increasing concern by corporate executives that their brand may someday become a target. Pepsi recently experienced a fake news cycle that dropped its stock price by 3.5% on the day…
About The Social Shake-Up Show:

The Social Shake-Up is an annual conference presented by PR News in partnership with Social Media Today and dozens of leaders in the marketing, PR, social media and customer experience arena. The 2017 Show is May 22-24 at the W hotel in Atlanta.
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