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What’s Shakin’ on January 30
Influencer Marketing
6 Tips for Attracting Influencers to Your Next Campaign
The hunt for the perfect influencer usually starts with seeking out those social media accounts that can increase reach, raise awareness, build engagement and drive business results (sales, donations, conversions, etc.) for your organization. This means pinpointing the influencers who…
What Readability Level Makes Sense for Your Audience?
It never fails. When I talk in my writing workshops about the importance of making copy easy to read and understand, there's always one person who can't believe the advice applies to her. "Are you kidding?" she gasps. "I'm writing…
#SephoraSquad Is Joining Us on the Mainstage!

Chow down and settle in for a mainstage conversation with Sephora. Last year, Sephora brought its intentions of cultivating an inclusive beauty community to its first-ever large-scale influencer program, #SephoraSquad. Now, as #SephoraSquad enters its second year, Sephora's VP of Content Strategy, Emily Berlind, will be sharing the brand's successes and celebrations along with key insights and learnings of the brand's best-in-class approach to influencer relations.

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Facebook Cracks Down on 'Deepfakes,' Mirroring a Trend in User Preferences
As fake news and misinformation continue to plague online discourse, Facebook says it has taken a significant step to deter the spread of doctored video and photos. In a blog post, the company's vice president of global policy management, Monika…
PRNEWS' Crisis & Measurement Summit is Feb. 25-26 in Miami

At PRNEWS' Crisis and Measurement Summit, communicators will hear from the industry’s brightest as they discuss Crisis Management and Communications Measurement best practices. Discover how leading brands are staying on top of their crisis communications strategies and proving the ROI of their PR efforts.

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Internal Communications
6 Tips for a Strong Internal Social Media Policy
The start of a new year means lots of work for marketers, from quarterly planning to finalizing projects started at the end of last year. Integrated sales and marketing budgets are close to finalized, monthly sales promotions are agreed upon…
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