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What’s Shakin’ on April 11
What Twitter’s War on Spam Means for Social Media Managers
Twitter continues to beat the drum against fake accounts and aggressive growth tactics by cutting the daily limit of accounts users can follow to 400, down from 1000. “The idea with the new limit is that it helps prevent spammers…
Crisis Management
How Social Marketers Can Keep Brand Accounts Safe From Malicious Activity
Marketers often focus on the “fun” side of social: the stories, images and conversations that bring a brand to life. Unfortunately, darker forces also exist. Brands now face a number of adversaries; from account hacks to bot attacks. Sometimes, brands…
Social Media Brand Account Takeovers

When cyber criminals take over a company’s social media presence, they flood your feeds with false information about your brand, malware, and other disruptive content. It’s a public relations nightmare.

Download the 7 Best Practices Against Social Media Account Takeovers to learn how to protect your company’s social media presence.

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Social Strategy
7 Tips From Popular Science for Awe-Inspiring Video, Articles and Audio
Whether you're creating video, written or audio content, a number of best practices should always be front of mind. Thrifty marketers must ensure they are making the most of source material, repurposing it strategically for different media. Videos, articles and…
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The Social Shake-Up Show, May 6-8 in Atlanta, has 35 sessions featuring 85 speakers, which means it's the perfect opportunity for your whole team to divide and conquer. Groups of three or more save $600 through tomorrow, April 12!

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Integrated Communications
For the Atlanta Hawks, Social Integration is the Great Assist
Working in sports is interesting, because—as we affectionately say around our offices—we are marketing a product that we have absolutely no control over. This is a blessing and a curse. But it’s always exciting to see what storylines we can…
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The Social Shake-Up Show is an annual conference presented by The Social Shake-Up in partnership with Social Media Today and dozens of leaders in the marketing, PR and customer experience arena. The 2019 Show is May 6-8 at the Marriot Marquis in Atlanta.
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