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What’s Shakin’ on April 25
8 Tips for Managing a Social Media Crisis
Whether you're watching the news, scrolling through Twitter or chatting with a friend, the topic of conversation is more often than not a brand experiencing a crisis on social media. Does this mean that brands are suddenly behaving badly? Or…
Social Strategy
Is It Time for a C-Level Social Media Executive?
Social media has become essential for businesses in every industry. Of course, you know that. Every morning, you relentlessly check every mention from the second your eyes open, to the moment you force yourself to power down and go to…
Infovision Social is the Research and Social Media Analytics arm of InfoVision.

We support Fortune 500 brands and agencies globally to provide Social Media Strategy, Consumer Insights, Brand Tracking, Influencer Strategy, Media Monitoring/ Measurement, Competitor Intelligence, Content/ Channel Strategy, Campaign and Digital Analytics.

We listen to business problems, conduct in-depth research using structured & unstructured data, and use proprietary frameworks to deliver business transforming solutions.

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Influencer Marketing
Influencer Marketing ROI: Tools, Stats and Trends for 2019
Influencer marketing has 11 times the ROI of traditional digital marketing, and as an industry, it’s projected to climb to $10 billion by 2020. In a society where people see around 4,000-10,000 ads on a daily basis (yeah, we’re gawking at that…
Brand Trusted Influence Marketing

Nearly 1 in 2 young people turn to influencers when making a buying
decision. Now you can turn to Viacom Ad Solutions when making
influencer marketing decisions. We partner with brands and agencies
to provide full-service advertising and marketing including influencer
marketing. Visit solutions.viacom.com for more information.

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Digital PR
‘Brené Brown Me’: Yelp’s John Carroll on Social Listening, Brand Evangelism and Modern Marketing
Yelp may not always come up in conversation as a social network the likes of Facebook or Instagram, but for small businesses and their customers, Yelp is a godsend. The platform is crucial for connecting consumers to businesses across the…
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The Social Shake-Up Show is an annual conference presented by The Social Shake-Up in partnership with Social Media Today and dozens of leaders in the marketing, PR and customer experience arena. The 2019 Show is May 6-8 at the Marriot Marquis in Atlanta.
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