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What’s Shakin’ on August 1
5 Tips for Growing Your Brand's Blog Audience
Is your blog struggling to reach a larger audience within your target demographic? Don’t worry! A lot of other companies are having the same issue. Here are five tips for how your brand can improve its blog presence and grow…
Social Media Summer Recap: 10 New Features and Rollouts to Watch
Early adopters of new platforms and features are often rewarded with bumps in engagement. Those who put in the time to learn tools as they are released rather than waiting on the sidelines also have more lead time to tweak…
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How to Use Instagram Hashtags in 2019
Much like finding the right search keywords for your brand, figuring out the best approach to hashtags on Instagram can be more challenging than it appears at first glance. Instagram allows for up to 30 hashtags per post, but should…
Join us August 22 for a Twitter Chat!

On August 22 at 1 p.m. ET we're hosting a Twitter Chat with Infovision Social on social media tools that can address marketers' biggest pain points. Find us on Twitter @social_shakeup. We'll tweet you then!

Social Commerce
A Sweet Formula for Breaking Through the Noise
The signal-to-noise ratio in social media today has never been greater. Certain voices break through, but if you’re not tweeting from the White House or riding a wave of well-earned publicity by winning a World Cup (congrats, USWNT!), how do…
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The Social Shake-Up Show is an annual conference presented by The Social Shake-Up in partnership with Social Media Today and dozens of leaders in the marketing, PR and customer experience arena. The 2020 Show is May 12-14 at the Marriot Marquis in Atlanta.
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