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What’s Shakin’ on October 31
Programmatic for Social Media: Vocabulary & First Steps
Programmatic advertising is not new, but as machine learning gets more sophisticated, automation is of increasing importance to social media marketers. But one thing standing in the way is of them harnessing the potential of programmatic is the process itself.…
6 Facebook Ad Trends Marketers Need to Know for 2020
Social media giants are improving and optimizing their platforms so regularly that it’s hard for marketers to keep up. Facebook seems to excel in efficiency of feature updates, and as advertisers, we aim to do the same. How do we…
Rates Increase After Midnight Tonight (Scary, we know!)

At the Social Shake-Up Show on May 12-14 in Atlanta, social media marketing professionals will hear from digital innovators at LEGO, IBM, Paypal, AAA Northeast, Cisco, LatinoJustice, Microsoft, The Atlanta Way and more! Get your ticket by midnight ET tonight (Oct. 31) to save $1,300 on your pass!

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Influencer Marketing
Has the Influencer Bubble Burst?
Are the golden days of influencer marketing at an end? A recent Wall Street Journal article made that claim, citing reduced engagement and interviewing several brand marketers who are disappointed with their return on influencer investment. The article pointed to…
Enter the Social Media Awards by Dec. 6!

This award program is open to corporations, nonprofits and agencies of all sizes. We're looking for the most creative and successful social media campaigns as well as the teams driving them. Winners will be recognized at the Social Shake-Up Show in May in Atlanta. 

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[QUIZ] Do You Know Your Marketing Lingo?
While marketing industry jargon and vocabulary might be at the bottom of your to-do list, it never hurts to be aware of the shorthand your colleagues use in emails, sales and marketing meetings. Test yourself on your marketing acronym knowledge…
About The Social Shake-Up Show:

The Social Shake-Up Show is an annual conference presented by The Social Shake-Up in partnership with Social Media Today and dozens of leaders in the marketing, PR and customer experience arena. The 2020 Show is May 12-14 at the Marriot Marquis in Atlanta.
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