A 4-Step Route to Setting Facebook Insights KPIs

By: Sophie Maerowitz

June 23, 2017

Facebook Insights provides a wealth of demographic data and offers a unique window into what kinds of posts Facebook audiences respond to. But while Insights reports are a crucial tool—especially to discern whether business objectives are being met—they can also contain an overwhelming amount of data to parse.

To avoid wading into a sea of irrelevant metrics, Kathleen Lukasik, vice president of social analytics at Ogilvy, advises clients to break down their goals into bite-size pieces to set pertinent KPIs. Lukasik, who spoke on Facebook Insights at PR News’ Digital Boot Camp June 23 in Chicago, offered recommendations for how to set KPIs before communicators pull their next Insights report.

Kathleen Lukasik, vice president, social analytics, Ogilvy

Kathleen Lukasik, vice president, social analytics, Ogilvy

To illustrate how to pick those KPIs, Lukasik offered an example of an organization that ultimately focused on click-through rate and video completion rate, and the route it took to get there:

  1. The organization asks, “What is our business objective?” To generate sales? Leads? Awareness? Fundraising goals?
  2. The organization sets the communications goal. (This could be anything in the marketing funnel from building awareness to gaining consideration, but for the sake of this example, we’ll stick with advocacy).
  3. Based on that communications goal, the campaign objective is determined: to educate core users on product enhancements the organization has been making.
  4. The organization decides to leverage Facebook as a channel to educate those core users through video and linked content, which leads to the KPIs of click-through rate and video completion rate.

From there, the organization can benchmark goals and get ready for the campaign, pulling those KPIs from Insights reports once the campaign launches.

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