Social Media in a Regulated Industry - The Social Shake-Up Show

Social Shake-Up Webinar

Social Media in a Regulated Industry

Wednesday, September 26, 2018
1:30–3:00 pm ET
$299 Per Site Location



Join The Social Shake-Up on Sept. 26, when our panel of social media pros will explore how to manage social media in industries that keep a tight cap on external communications.

Our experts will share case studies illustrating how to win a longer leash from senior management for social media campaigns, assure stakeholders that your brand is making the right choices on social and create engaging social campaigns with minimal risk to your brand.

Over the course of this 90-minute webinar, Aetna’s Sophia Lewis will cover how she’s partnered with and trained senior executives to illustrate thought leadership on social media at minimal risk to the brand. Proofpoint’s Brent Plow will share how FINRA and FFIEC regulations affect social media communicators in regulated industries. Cathy Bouwers of the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science will offer up a case study on how to shift a conservative social media presence into one full of personality. And Kristie Kuhl of Finn Partners will speak to balancing investor relations with the communications needs of patients and providers.

We’ll cover:

  • How to craft social content within a multi-level approvals structure
  • Creating innovative social content, even if your organization is a conservative or legacy brand
  • Strategies for asking for a budget line for paid social posts
  • How to work with senior level executives to build on-message thought leadership on social media at minimal risk to the brand
  • How to structure your social media program around handling disclosures around FTC fines
  • Proactive ways to connect with audiences who may or may not want to engage—especially when they’re unhappy with your brand
  • Balancing communications objectives with investor relations

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Who Should Attend?

If you spend at least a quarter of your time in any of these areas, you should attend this webcast:

  • Digital PR and Social Media
  • Community Relations
  • Content Creation
  • Communications
  • Video
  • Marketing Communications
  • Business Development
  • Public Affairs/Issues Management
  • Media Relations
  • SEO
  • Research and Analytics
  • Public Relations

Questions & Fees

Registration Fee: $299 per site.

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Registration includes access to the recorded webcast and speaker materials for one full year.