The New Rules of SEO - The Social Shake-Up Show

Social Shake-Up Webinar

The New Rules of SEO

August 15, 1:30–3 pm ET
$299 Per Site Location



Need to get your content ranked on the first page of search results? Well, you can’t game Google. But you can join The Social Shake-Up on August 15 for an in-depth look into what the latest rules of SEO are and how to use those rules to your advantage to better connect your audience with your brand.

While the core tenets for ranking highly on Google remain unchanged—providing valuable content, building authority and getting the details right—digital denizens need extra knowledge to stay ahead of the curve. Attendees will walk away with tried-and-true tactics for maximizing the results of your SEO efforts. Industry experts and communicators in the digital trenches will weigh in on the latest algorithmic updates and share their strategies for SEO success.

Over the course of this 90-minute webinar,’s director of digital Laura Mitchell will cover how her team is working with Google to optimize Cisco properties for mobile and AMP pages. Randy Hui, who leads social media and digital marketing at the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, will share his team’s search-optimized news hub and evergreen content strategy. And Paul Headley, director of client strategy and analytics at digital marketing agency ZOG Digital, will provide insights as to how communicators can leverage Google Analytics in their SEO strategy.

You'll Learn How To:

  • Leverage Google Analytics to determine your bounce rate and sleuth out the reasons why users are leaving your page
  • Tie SEO to goal tracking and discover what content your users are actually reading
  • Translate your audience’s conversion funnel into visible analytics
  • Create valuable content that satisfies readers and search engines
  • Test your site for mobile compatibility and usability across platforms
  • Find the balance between quality and quantity outbound links
  • Use social media to build content that links back to your page
  • Use SEO tactics to inform the production of websites, social media posts, blog posts and more
  • Staff and assign essential SEO roles inside and/or outside of your organization


Who Should Attend?

If you spend at least a quarter of your time in any of these areas, you should attend this webcast:

  • Digital PR and Social Media
  • Community Relations
  • Content Creation
  • Communications
  • Video
  • Marketing Communications
  • Business Development
  • Public Affairs/Issues Management
  • Media Relations
  • SEO
  • Research and Analytics
  • Public Relations

Questions & Fees

Registration Fee: $299 per site.

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