May 12-14, 2020
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Cheryl Mikovch

Marketing Program Executive
Cheryl Mikovch, IBM

Cheryl Mikovch has become a leader in the social media orb for her efforts on the Social Command Center, which has changed social media from an engagement platform to a revenue producer—yielding $133 million in pipeline for IBM in 2017 alone.

The rules-based and AI-driven Social Command Center listens for pertinent IT requirements conveyed as business needs, pain points, acquisitions etc., then prioritizes results and gives them to sellers. What’s more, it accomplishes this practically in real time. Powered to Watson, the engine recognized and prioritized 150,000 posts in 2017.

Mikovch grew the Social Command Center from a lead generation tool into a market-specific, hyper growth engine producing 40% and 64% growth in 2017 and 2016. respectively.

“Cheryl has worked to better integrate the sales and marketing organizations and their technologies,” pointed out a colleague. “Sellers now have the tools to better understand each customer, their situation, their challenges and speak to each relevantly through the correct content assets.”

Mikovch also led the way in increasing the program’s global reach. “With great success in North America and Europe, the program will soon include more solutions and services in its intelligent listening,” added the colleague. “And, for the first time ever, will roll out across English-speaking countries in Asia, focusing on IBM’s new cutting-edge technology: Cognitive and Watson IoT.”

One plan for 2018 is to launch the Command Center’s first local language listening program in Europe, which will pinpoint ideal engagements in native languages.

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