May 12-14, 2020
Marriott Marquis Atlanta

Cheryl Mikovch

Marketing Program Executive

Five years ago, many business-to-business marketers were striving to use social media as a tool to engage audiences. Not Cheryl Mikovch. She saw that social media had the potential to make a tangible contribution to the sales pipeline—and her innovative approaches have transformed social media from engagement platform to revenue generator. In the past two years, her team has identified more than 18,300 social leads, generating a pipeline value of $79.3 million (actual social revenue to date is $9.9 million).

Many enterprises use social media to promote products or gauge campaign effectiveness. But IBM’s approach is unique as it listens for relevant IT requirements expressed as business needs, pain points, acquisitions etc. It prioritizes results, handing them to sellers, almost in real time.

At the heart of the Command Center is a rules-based engine enabling sellers to find and deploy relevant content to address buyer requirements quickly and easily. The IBM Social Command Center capitalizes on and reforms the world of social listening. What’s more, in two years it saved more than 16,500 hours of sales productivity as the built-in automation performs “surround” work sellers usually do manually on social platforms. With Mikovch at the helm, IBM’s sellers have become social savants, outperforming the competition by intercepting digital conversations to generate, nurture and convert leads.

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