Lauren Nolan

Public Relations Manager
XO Group, Inc.

Lauren Nolan has taken the lead managing and developing communities on XO Group’s corporate social media across Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

She strategically plans for steady streams of content in an effort to keep the corporate brand top of mind and top of newsfeeds. In under one year Nolan organically grew the audiences of XO Group’s corporate social communities significantly, including a 184.6% increase on Instagram, 40.2% on Facebook, 33.4% on LinkedIn and 14.2% on Twitter.

In addition to all of her traditional work as PR manager, Nolan’s made time to develop the XO Group corporate voice and social presence, crafting a uniform brand voice, which represents four distinct brand personalities and the teams that bring them to life: The Knot, The Nest, The Bump and GigMasters. Nolan has a deep understanding of the diverse audiences across the distinct social platforms. She’s mastered how best to speak to audiences, developing meaningful and engaging digital communities among XO Group’s current and prospective employees along with XO Group partners, media professionals, investors and site members.

Through crowdsourced image-driven campaigns such as #TakeoverTuesday and a number of national holidays, Nolan’s built thriving and dedicated social communities for XO Group.