Melissa Wiseheart

Managing Director
Moore Communications
Melissa Wisehart

Melissa brings more than 10 years of national and international marketing, social media and advertising experience to Moore Communications Group.  Her experience is deeply rooted in brand storytelling, uncovering tales that beg to be shared from industries such as higher education and non-profit to telecommunications and B:B. She has extensive brand advertising experience in campaign strategy, production and execution of campaigns across digital, social, print, direct response, radio and television.  

Additionally, Melissa has a strong history of data-driven marketing expertise, specializing in campaign optimization and advertising efficiency for organizations such as Lions Club International,, Johns Manville and WOW! Internet, Cable and Phone. Consumer brands such as Macy’s, Sears, Kmart, Victoria’s Secret and Nordstrom have relied on her creativity and analysis to build innovative campaigns to deliver the brand message and generate consumer demand.