Preriit Souda

Global Insights Partnership Director
Will Goodhand, Kantar

A respected thought leader and expert in data science, Preriit Souda is known for forming new streams of revenue as he guides his company through the big data and market research transformation while utilizing digital and social data.

Souda heads up TNS UK’s offering on social media analytics—a practice that remains unmatched in the British insight and consulting market.

In his role, he works in a variety of areas, including structured and unstructured data analytics, data mining-machine learning and natural language processing, enabling social data to link up with other data sources and be part of the broader insight ecosystem. Souda has advised international clients from a variety of fields, including CPG/FMCG, finance, travel, telecom and the public sector.

Souda is a published thought leader behind 11 market research and big data papers. He has also presented at over 21 conferences in the UK, US, Italy, France, India, Russia, Holland, Ireland and on the web.

He has also garnered a number of awards for his work. Souda won Best Paper at ESOMAR World Congress 2017 for his piece, “Can Chairs Talk – Image Mining & Text Analytics for Strategic Planning.”