Case Studies: Snapchat Content Strategies That Hook Audiences & Make Them Care

September 29, 2016

Of the major social platforms, Snapchat stands apart: It’s ephemeral, it’s informal and it’s improvisational ¬– in other words, it’s harder to “fake it” here than on any other platform.
Snapchat has more than 100 million users each day, with at least 60% of the smartphone users being between the ages of 13 and 34 years. It’s one of the hottest, but most complex, networks out there. From geofilters to Memories to Story Explorer and more, creating a content strategy requires creativity, authenticity and innovation.
Our speakers from consumer, B2B and nonprofits will provide case studies in how their brands have effectively leveraged Snapchat and how they’ve parlayed this platform into more engaged customers and stronger reputations. Some of the cool things you’ll learn at this session include:
· A look at the types of organizations use paid and organic Snapchat content
· Secrets to using Story, Influencers, geofilters, Snap to Unlock and other features
· Employing cross-promotion tactics to build followers
· How to engage Snapchat influencers for your brand
· Using Snapchat for sneak peeks at your brand
· Measuring your success on Snapchat

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