Interactive: Innovating on Instagram

September 29, 2016

Is there a more engaging platform than Instagram? The average engagement per Instagram post has grown by 416% over the last two years. First, though, there’s the question of whether Instagram is even right for your brand. If it is right for your brand, you’ve got to find time to keep pace with its new features – it’s not surprising that so many brands can’t keep up with the changes. We’ll tackle these two topics and more during this interactive session covering one of the most popular social platforms.

Learn how to engage and grow your Instagram community and expand your ROI.
In this session, you’ll learn:
• How to engage with your Instagram community with visually compelling stories
• How to prove ROI on this platform
• Ways to use Instagram’s direct message feature to grow your brand
• How to creatively and effectively use Instagram Stories
• Use creative takeovers as an integral part of your influencer strategy
• How to harness the power of image analytics to drive your future Instagram strategy

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