Shakers on a Panel: One Big Happy Family? Integrating PR, Marketing & Sales Effectively

September 29, 2016

While Social has been a catalyst in breaking down the silos among sales, PR and Marketing teams, there are still logistical and budgetary considerations to be worked out. Where is the budget coming from? Who is in charge of which social networks? Is it better for PR to handle Snapchat or should Marketing? If you’re going to shake things up in your organization, it most likely begins with how you address your Sale, Marketing and PR structure.
Our panel has been through this and is on the other side to share their success stories. You’ll learn:

• What an integrated communications team looks like
• The key to developing an integrated budget for your digital campaigns
• How to deploy resources effectively
• Secrets to a successful division of labor while fostering collaberation
• Examples of innovative and disruptive campaigns from a combined PR and marketing staff

At The Social Shake-Up