3 Snapchat Best Practices for B2B Brands

November 28, 2016

While Snapchat’s game-like, whimsical interface may not seem to be the obvious go-to for communicators at b2b companies, the platform has plenty to offer any brand looking to explore a new channel for audience growth. Take a look at GE, for instance: Its interactive in-airport snaps saw a multitude of engagements with consumers who had yet to align the b2b giant with the airline industry, and the company continues to be heralded as a leader in social media in the b2b space.

PwC, a professional services organization, is another b2b company that has seen success with its Snapchat content strategy. Larissa von Lockner, a social media lead and member of PwC’s creative team—who will be speaking at PR News’ The Social Shake-Up on May 23, 2017, in Atlanta—shares some best practices here, paired with PwC Snapchat content following those principles:

1. Keep it raw: Content should feel fun and in-the-moment.


This post, aimed to increase excitement and engagement around PwC’s employee events, captures the fun in-the-moment—quite literally, mid-jump—in an approachable and authentic way.

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2. Planning leads to success: Think through content before production and make sure to have a storyline.


The four points PwC considers before launching a Snapchat campaign.

3. Engagement is everything: Use calls to action, play games and respond to followers in order to create an interactive experience.

pwc. snapchat

In this campaign, PwC incorporated fun stickers and visuals, a hashtag and short link for followers to complete a call to action (using the hashtag on Twitter, typing the short link into their browsers).

By: Sophie Maerowitz

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