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@WeAreCisco’s 4-Pronged Instagram KPI Approach

By: Sophie Maerowitz

July 3, 2018

Now that Instagram has surpassed its billion-user mark, competition for attention on the platform is heating up. Instagram content must be positioned even more strategically in order to cut through the noise.

Casie Shimansky, social media manager, talent brand, Cisco

Casie Shimansky, social media manager, talent brand, Cisco

Casie Shimansky, one of The Social Shake-Up’s 2018 Movers & Shakers and social media manager at Cisco’s talent brand @WeAreCisco, says that Instagram’s monumental growth (not to mention algorithm change) has caused her team of two to constantly test their approach to creating and sharing content. Using different hashtags, geotags and posting strategies, the @WeAreCisco duo, led by Social Shake-Up advisory board member Carmen Shirkey Collins, ensures “we always stay true to the overall tone that the Instagram community expects.”

Within Instagram, there are several different features social media pros can use toward different ends. Shimansky, charged with Instagram strategy specifically, has developed specific goals for @WeAreCisco’s Instagram feed posts, Instagram Stories and Instagram Live broadcasts, each tied to overall objectives for the recruiting arm of Cisco’s business.

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In terms of the big picture, @WeAreCisco’s overarching Instagram goals are to:

See the three elements of Instagram @WeAreCisco currently uses, and individual KPIs for each, below:

Instagram Feed:

Instagram Stories:

Instagram Live (still being piloted):

Having laid the groundwork above, one can only imagine where Shimansky and her team will take their department’s strategy for Instagram’s new long-form video feature, IGTV. Coding competitions between engineers? A condensed documentary of an employee’s first day on the job? For Shimansky’s team, the possibilities could be endless.

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