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What’s Shakin’ on May 2
Burger King's Impossible Feat: Determining an Audience Strategy
Nothing is impossible when your audience's tastes change. Including turning Burger King into a vegetarian-friendly option for a meat-eating audience. Burger King’s April Fool’s Day test of the Impossible Whopper, featuring a plant-based patty, turned out to be no joke. CNN…
8 Tips for Managing a Social Media Crisis
Whether you're watching the news, scrolling through Twitter or chatting with a friend, the topic of conversation is more often than not a brand experiencing a crisis on social media. Does this mean that brands are suddenly behaving badly? Or…
Social Media Brand Account Takeovers

When cyber criminals take over a company’s social media presence, they flood your feeds with false information about your brand, malware, and other disruptive content. It’s a public relations nightmare.

Download the 7 Best Practices Against Social Media Account Takeovers to learn how to protect your company’s social media presence.

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Social Strategy
Is It Time for a C-Level Social Media Executive?
Social media has become essential for businesses in every industry. Of course, you know that. Every morning, you relentlessly check every mention from the second your eyes open, to the moment you force yourself to power down and go to…
Brand Trusted Influence Marketing

Nearly 1 in 2 young people turn to influencers when making a buying
decision. Now you can turn to Viacom Ad Solutions when making
influencer marketing decisions. We partner with brands and agencies
to provide full-service advertising and marketing including influencer
marketing. Visit solutions.viacom.com for more information.

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Influencer Marketing
Don't Depend on the Big Guys: 4 Influencer ROI Tips from Buztubr's Gunn Hoh
While marketers herald influencers as the best way for brands to connect with audiences by proxy, it often comes with a big ticket price. From signing big names that charge five figures per post, to devoting staff hours to research…
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