Social Shake-Up
May 22-24, 2017
The W Hotel, Atlanta, GA
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A sneak peek of what our Social Shake-Up Show speakers will discuss:
Linda Rutherford
Southwest Airlines
How Southwest Airlines Preps Timely Content, Far in Advance

The internet gives but it can also take away. The good news in today’s digital world is that companies are now in the content driver’s seat. Organizations have become their own mini media conglomerates, able to message, provide commentary and launch content at a moment’s notice and without traditional media gatekeepers as a governor. That’s a good thing but it can be a bad thing as well. Now, organizations have so many channels and platforms at their disposal and are struggling to be relevant on all of them, all the time. That is leading some to make poor decisions about content… Read More

Melanie Cohn
Dunkin' Brands
Why iMessage Is Key for Dunkin' Donuts in the Era of Ad Blocking

How many times have you received a text message you didn’t look at? The answer is most likely "almost never." Text messages receive a 98% open rate and mobile messaging is the No. 1 most frequently used feature on our phones, according to Snaps, which powers chatbots, iMessage apps and emoji keyboards for clients such as myself. When you think about your own mobile behavior, this trend isn’t very surprising. However, this unlocks a world of creative opportunity for brands. In a time when ad blocking is the new normal, marketers must embrace choice-based ad offerings in the quest for… Read More

Drew Neisser
7 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing

It’s not that your content sucks…in fact, it might even be pretty darn good. It’s just that every minute of every day, there are 1,300 more blog posts, 360,000 more tweets, 1.7 million more Facebook posts and 2 million more videos uploaded to YouTube. And that only accounts for a few channels. Which means your content is simply being drowned out in an ever-quickening deluge of words and images. So what’s a content marketer like you to do? We suggest the following seven ways to stand out from the crowd. Rally Around Your Purpose Too many content programs are created… Read More
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