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What’s Shakin’ on February 7
Career Advice
A Day in the Life of a Social Marketer
What does your day look like, when it comes to social media? A social media pro's schedule and priorities differ greatly from brand to brand. Given that the role of social media manager didn't exist before the early aughts, there's…
Email Marketing
Email Marketing Isn't Sexy—but You Can Still Make It Your Secret Weapon
The most exciting and challenging part of digital marketing is simply keeping up with constantly changing technology, trends, and strategies. One digital marketing discipline, however, hasn’t changed nearly as much as its peers: email marketing. What’s holding it back? 1…
Digital Marketing Pioneer Ann Handley to Keynote #SSU2019

In her closing keynote, Handley will inspire and empower marketers to create campaigns that customers will love, igniting real results for their businesses.

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Influencer Marketing
Why You Need Nano-Influencers Now
Recent attention around nano-influence has marketers acting like it's the newest thing since sliced bread. Spoiler alert: There’s nothing really new about nano-influencers—except for the fact that we now have a name for them. Nano-influencers are, quite simply, everyday digital…
Download the Crisis Management on Social Media Report

Inside this free report, you'll find tips and case studies for avoiding, managing and resolving social media crises.

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Internal Communications
6 Crucial Elements of an Internal Social Media Policy
The start of a new year means lots of work for marketers, from business planning to finalizing plans you started at the end of last year. Integrated sales and marketing budgets are getting finalized, your monthly sales promotions are agreed…
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The Social Shake-Up Show is an annual conference presented by The Social Shake-Up in partnership with Social Media Today and dozens of leaders in the marketing, PR and customer experience arena. The 2019 Show is May 6-8 at the Marriot Marquis in Atlanta.
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