May 7-9, 2018 | Marriott Marquis Atlanta
May 7-9, 2018 | Marriott Marquis Atlanta

Mark Thomas

Marketing & Communications Specialst
City of Bristol
Mark Thomas, City of Bristol

Mark Thomas stepped into the role of marketing and communications specialist for the City of Bristol, Connecticut, and he developed a strategy that has seen the city’s social presence flourish.

When Thomas took over the newly-created position, Bristol had a social media presence—but there wasn’t much to it, as it was devoid of strategy, had little content and practically no audiences.

In 2017, under Thomas’ direction, the social media asset numbers grew. This included four Facebook pages by over 49% from the previous year, and Bristol is now is in the top 10% of community pages for cities of 61,000 or less in reach and followers.

Thomas orchestrated this social surge via a digital-focused strategy that utilized Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube to steer (directional strategy) segmented audiences to the City’s Facebook pages as well as its website.

Thomas also launched a monthly TV show whose segments were promoted via social media, which resulted in a 65% jump in unique users to the website.

Thomas also employed a 4-1-1 digital content strategy to boost the city’s social media presence and steer residents and businesses to the Bristol All Heart website. The digital marketing and social media piece of Bristol’s first marketing plan was given credit for a successful re-launch of the Bristol All Heart campaign to give the community more pride and attract new businesses.

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