Social Customer Care Webinar

Social Shake-Up Webinar

Social Customer Care That Builds Brand Loyalty

June 21, 2017

$299 Per Site Location

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Join Social Shake-Up on June 21 for a webinar that discusses how to turn customers into lifelong advocates for your brand.

Some might think that social customer care is the luxury of only the biggest brands, while everyone else can’t devote the time or employees to 24/7 service. But the reality is that the key to social customer care is building relationships, so simply being present and engaging on social media is essential—and most brands are already doing just that.

As you’ve probably heard by now, customer service is the new marketing, and with all social media activity being public for the entire world to see, it’s more important than ever to monitor all interactions and respond in the right way. One negative comment, if not handled the right way, can wipe out 20 good ones.

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What you’ll learn

  • How to effectively manage your brand’s customer service on social media sites
  • How to mitigate a crisis through customer service on your brands social media sites
  • How to turn customers into brand advocates
  • How to build the right social media customer service team
  • How to make social care your competitive advantage
  • How to identify the customer experiences that will get amplified on social media
  • How to use bots and messaging apps to improve your customer service
  • How to encourage your customers to leave online reviews
  • How to be proactive by creating content that educates customers on common problems



Machu Latorre
VP, Social Care Business Strategy & Innovation
Wells Fargo
Melissa Phillips
Director of Digital Operations
Stacey Sayer
Global Head of Social Media
Level 3 Communications
Jerry Ascierto
Senior Content Manager
The Social Shake-Up

Who Should Attend?

If you spend at least a quarter of your time in any of these areas, you should attend this webcast:

  • Public Relations
  • Digital PR and Social Media
  • Community Relations
  • Content Creation
  • Communications
  • Video
  • Marketing Communications
  • Business Development
  • Public Affairs/Issues Management
  • Media Relations
  • SEO
  • Research and Analytics


Questions and Fees

Registration Fee: $299 per site

For questions regarding this webinar, contact Jessica Placencia at [email protected]; 301-354-1641.

If you are having any technical difficulties or need assistance meeting these requirements, please contact our Technical Support Center at 1-866-709-8255 or click here.

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