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4 Instagram Tips for Making Your Audience the Hero

By: Veronica Romney, President/Founder, ModernMarca

September 9, 2019

Building a thriving Instagram following is an exciting, if challenging, process. The platform allows brands to connect with people from all over the world and share their own journeys in the process. There is also ample opportunity to educate followers and inspire others to build their own Instagram brands from scratch.

Once you reel in a follower, however, it’s crucial to think about next steps. How do you build a real connection? And how do you nurture them down the funnel?

Social marketers, breathe easy: This isn’t something that happens overnight or as a result of a picture-perfect feed. Below are four essential steps I’ve taken to boost my storytelling skills and grow my own Instagram following from zero to 20,000 over time:

Be the guide your followers need. Ever heard of the hero’s journey? If so, you know that the hero is a flawed character who needs a guide to help them on their path. That guide (think Yoda), is wise, helpful and humble, helping the hero inch toward their overarching goal. What’s more, the guide helps the hero avoid mistakes along the way.

This is a great analogy to think about when you create Instagram content. Ultimately, you should be the guide to your followers’ stories—not the hero. (For more information on social media storytelling, check out StoryBrand’s helpful resources.)

Refocus the spotlight. Have you ever seen Instagram accounts with thousands of followers but low engagement? In addition to the countless spam followers that pop up, some brands still struggle with engagement because their focus is solely on selling their product, business or service. They’re missing an important lesson: It’s not about you (or your business!). It’s about your followers.

The more you focus on building a real connection with your audience, the more they will care about you and your journey. An audience that truly cares about you will pay attention, comment, like and keep an eye out for your next product or event.

Prioritize the “why.” Do a little soul searching. Ask yourself :

The clearer you are on the answers to these questions, the sharper you can focus your Instagram content. Tailor it to your ideal audience and ensure you offer them value as a guide toward their own success.

Be vulnerable. These days, marketing is all about being human: imbuing your brand voice with the essence of a real person. Be vulnerable and comfortable sharing the good and the bad; the highs and the lows of your company journey. Your audience yearns for a guide who they can relate to on a genuine level.

With these tips in mind, your brand can grow a loyal Instagram following who will connect, engage and ultimately convert. Good luck, and see you on the ‘gram!

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