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4 Ways Your Brand Could Be Using LinkedIn Video

By: Caroline Waxler

October 12, 2018

For years, LinkedIn has been used by companies primarily as a recruitment tool, but few brands are using the social network as it exists today to its fullest potential.

Susie Felber, Global Content Director for Withings (formerly Nokia Health), views that as a missed opportunity. “LinkedIn is a great platform. Content seems to get bubbled up if others who follow you like it, which is sort of how things were with Facebook back in ye olden days,” she says.

And like Facebook, LinkedIn seems to favor native video in its algorithm. We spoke to some of our favorite social media executives about how brands can leverage video on the platform. They shared the following tactics:

Swap out text updates for video. “One of the things I’m noticing is that LinkedIn video updates are performing really, really well,” says Carmen Collins, social media lead for Cisco’s Talent Brand team and speaker at The Social Shake-Up 2019. She suggests that in addition to posting text updates on LinkedIn, brand communicators should consider filming a video with a tip or insight on a business topic.

Keep it short and sweet. “Remember that it’s still social media – so folks probably don’t want to watch a 10-minute video of you rambling on a topic, but a minute or two could add value and get views,” Collins says. (The We Are Cisco employee ambassador program, spearheaded by Collins, is getting ready to launch a series in this vein.)

Highlight your star employees. Another way to use LinkedIn video is to highlight employees both in and out of the office. Felber is a fan of this method: Her social team recently shared a video after they participated in a women’s 7K race in Paris. And Cisco’s recent employee-focused video garnered 40,000 views in just a few days.

Use video for public-facing direct messaging. “Instead of sending a thank you card, send a thank you video to someone using LinkedIn video,” suggests Brandi Boatner, social and influencer communications lead at IBM Global Markets. (Boatner will also be speaking at the 2019 Social Shake-Up.)

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