5 Hints for Video Success on Facebook

July 15, 2016

100 million is a number so big that it’s hard to accurately envision it. This might make it easier: 100 million hours is over 11,415 years. That’s more than twice as long as the entire span of recorded human history. Got it? Now get this: That’s also how much video is watched on Facebook every day.

If you do a good job of making and promoting video content for Facebook, you could end up with a lot of eyes on your message. But for a lot of communicators, it’s a struggle to make the viewer care, and even to get the video in front of the potential viewer in the first place. Paul Englert, vice president, marketing at C. Mondavi & Family, shares some of his ideas for best practices.

C. Mondavi & Family, Vice President, Marketing, Paul Englert

Paul Englert, C. Mondavi & Family

1. Keep your video content succinct. Everyone says this and it’s for a reason. Attention spans are getting shorter every day. Think of your viewer as a hummingbird at a feeder…they are gone in the blink of an eye.

2. For videos longer than 15 seconds, try to have nuggets or highlights you can strip out to tease out via FB and other social channels. A five-to-10-second teaser can create interest and motivate people to watch a longer video.

3. Don’t be so married to driving organic growth that you won’t spend a penny promoting your content. “Prime the pump” by throwing a few dollars behind a video and if the content is compelling, it can grow from there.

4. Talk about yourself without talking about yourself—use engaging content and themes to include your message rather than obsessing on your message.

5. Marketers often try to position their product as the hero. Think of ways you can make your viewer the hero. Give them content that they want to share.

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By: Ian Wright, PR News

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