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5 SEO Strategies for Higher Google Rankings

By: Andre Oentoro

September 4, 2019

SEO is one of the most-discussed topics in the world of digital marketing for a reason. Despite the millions of online properties out there, only 10 websites appear on the first page of Google. And over 90% of customers—the people that buy your products and pay your bills—never search past the first page.

Frustratingly, the moment marketers find new ways to rank, Google seems to change its algorithm. Let’s look at some SEO strategies that work well with the Google algorithm as it stands in 2019 (and hopefully in years to come).

Use More Video Content

Since Google acquired YouTube in 2006, certain keywords have triggered videos from YouTube to appear on the first page of search results. The most common ones are “how to” in nature.

Below, I experimented with typing “how to construct a home” into my search bar.

Three YouTube videos appeared at the top of the page—none of them from household name brands, who usually take the top-ranking spots.

search results for how to construct a house

There are two ways to host video content. The simpler one is to post your video on YouTube and then embed it in your site. Your other option is to directly host a video on your website. Each method has advantages and weaknesses (more on that here).

Simply put, upping your video content boosts your website SEO: Pages with videos are 53 times more likely to rank first than pages without them.

Use Infographics to Build Links

backlinks graph

Source: Backlinko

As of 2019, websites with more backlinks are deemed more relevant by Google and are therefore more likely to rank higher. However, the key is to get backlinks from websites that have a higher Domain Authority than you.

Infographics are great for building backlinks because they are easily shareable across multiple websites. Create an infographic based on current trending keywords, and offer it to websites that cover similar topics. Having infographics on your site can increase traffic by up to 12%.

Optimize Your Blog Posts

While visual content like videos and infographics have performed well in recent years, there’s no denying that Google’s algorithm reads words better than visuals. Therefore, crafting traditional blog posts is still essential in your marketing.

A study by Brian Dean from Backlinko suggests three ways in which you can optimize your blog posts in 2019:

Be Mobile-Friendly

With the vast majority of consumers on smartphones, it’s in your best interest to optimize your website to be fast and mobile-friendly. If your site won’t load properly on their phones, 46% of visitors will likely never bother to visit your site again.

Produce Valuable Content

If you create content that no one can find anywhere else, you will most likely receive tons of backlinks. This will surely elevate the value of your website in the eyes of Google.

With that said, creating valuable content is not easy―it’s time and energy-consuming. However, if you’re willing to go the extra mile, your hard work will pay off. Here are a few examples:


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