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5 Marketing Insights From #SSU2019 Keynoter Andrew Davis

By: The Social Shake-Up

February 13, 2019

When we asked best-selling author and Social Shake-Up 2019 keynote speaker Andrew Davis to share some of-the-moment social media insights, we assumed it would be via phone interview. But Davis did us one better—he crafted a video response that packs a number of high-octane marketing tactics into a breezy six and a half minutes. (Video, as it happens, is one of the biggest places marketers still have room to grow, according to Davis.)

Stop “spray and pray” distribution and promotion. “There’s a much better way to distribute and promote the content we’re creating.” It’s better to think about when, not where.

T-Mobile is killing it. “John Legere is the poster child for what leadership should look like.” If you don’t look at what John Legere is doing with #TMobileTuesdays #SlowCookerSundays and his Uncarrier concept, you’re missing out. is getting Americans to eat beef again with their programmatic video strategy.

Don’t chase the shiny new stuff. “I don’t like talking about what is next—what I think we should focus on is spending more time making sure that [for] the platforms we are on, we’re killing it. If you can kill it on one channel at time, you can make a masterful impact in the business you operate.”

Impressions are a thing of the past. “We need to make a distinction between what we measure and what we report. I think we need to get smart and savvy about trying to measure the value of a follower, a fan and a friend. Start reporting on the one thing that matters: Is it driving revenue?”

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