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An 8-Step Google Analytics Guide to Keep in Your Back Pocket

By: Sophie Maerowitz

June 12, 2018

As a reporting powerhouse, Google Analytics has the potential to help communications professionals make more strategic decisions. But too often, website analytics aren’t owned by the digital communicators who make decisions about content and messaging strategy at their organizations.

investis, zog digital, director, client strategy and analytics

Paul Headley, director, client strategy and analytics, ZOG Digital

Paul Headley, director, client strategy and analytics at Phoenix, Ariz.-based marketing agency ZOG Digital (an Investis company) and one of the firm’s resident analytics experts, sees Google Analytics as a crucial piece of communications measurement. “Without a measurement strategy, it’s difficult to assess and make recommendations for when and from where to deliver future communications,” he says.

Similarly, Cassie Katz, who leverages Google Analytics often in her role as director of marketing at Professional Services Council—a membership association for the government technology and professional services industry—says data drives her decisions when it comes to website optimization.

Below, the duo offers some helpful questions and tips to keep in mind as you develop your Google Analytics strategy.

Before you start applying insights garnered from Google Analytics, it’s important to take an audit of what your organization already does in terms of communications measurement. Headley suggests communicators evaluate their existing analytics strategy as follows:

Professional Services Council, director of marketing, Cassie Katz

Cassie Katz, director of marketing, Professional Services Council

Katz, who recently made significant improvements to the Professional Services Council website with the assistance of Google Analytics, offers the following use cases for the tool:

Katz’s recommendations, based on those determinations:

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