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How Marketers Can Refine Their Creative Process in a Pandemic

By: Ann Wylie, President, Wylie Communications
July 6th, 2020

Yesterday morning, we got a call from Mom’s dementia-care facility: My 96-year-old mother was lying in the fetal position, nonresponsive, with a fever, unable to take fluids. The nurse who called sobbed, “I’ve seen a lot of COVID-19 cases. This is bad.” Within 30 minutes, I was under the covers with a half pound of […]

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Editing Walkthrough: Are You Centering Your Audience in COVID-19 Updates?

By: Ann Wylie, President, Wylie Communications
June 15th, 2020

One thing I liked about a recent COVID-19 update I received from American Airlines: the length. The whole email weighed in at 172 words. One thing I didn’t like about their message: It focuses on what American Airlines put into these efforts, not on what I’ll get out of them. Instead of writing about what […]

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How to Make ‘Doing Nothing’ Your Writing Superpower While You’re Homebound

By: Ann Handley, President, Wylie Communications
April 23rd, 2020

Editor’s Note: Some might have expected an extended home stay to be the perfect chance to finish an ongoing writing project or other creative endeavor. And yet, as our days become increasingly fluid, that expectation has flown out the window, making way for an anxious, distracted and disorganized writing environment. Below, writing coach Ann Wylie […]

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How to Engage Readers in an Age of Distraction

By: Ann Wylie, President, Wylie Communications
April 13th, 2020

Editor’s Note: With global audiences stuck at home—and glued to their devices—the competition for time and attention is steeper than ever. Below, Wylie Communications president Ann Wylie shares how to measure and structure written content to match the average reading time, whether readers are checking out your social media copy, blog or e-letter. Wylie offers […]

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This is Your Brain on Creative Copy

By: Ann Wylie, President, Wylie Communications
March 9th, 2020

“When should you use humor in a speech?” a young speaker asks an experienced orator. “Only when you want to get paid,” the veteran answers. When should you use creative material in your social media messaging? Only when you want your readers to pay attention. Creative material: Grabs attention. Meet your Broca’s area—a small part […]


What Readability Level Makes Sense for Your Audience?

By: Ann Wylie, President, Wylie Communications
January 27th, 2020

It never fails. When I talk in my writing workshops about the importance of making copy easy to read and understand, there’s always one person who can’t believe the advice applies to her. “Are you kidding?” she gasps. “I’m writing to executives/pharmacists/school district superintendents/telecomm engineers/financial planners/horse breeders. These folks are superbly educated, brilliant and divine. […]

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