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Don’t Forget About the Social Platforms on the Fringe

March 2, 2020

Editor’s Note: While this article from Vice UK shouldn’t discourage social marketers’ efforts on Facebook, we thought our readership would benefit from a retrospective of forgotten platforms in an era when—collectively—we often neglect to remember that a social media landscape exists outside of Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter. In a globalized market, U.S.-based social media managers and digital communicators should keep abreast of region-specific social media platforms like those mentioned in the article, and look for ways to play in the white space they might offer.

An Ode to the Social Media Platforms We Loved Before Facebook

Vice UK’s Bianca Ferrari writes, “Along with Instagram and WhatsApp, which it owns, Facebook dominates the social media world in 2020. It’s weird to remember a time before Facebook, when young people were using all kinds of—often very local—social networks all over the world. To celebrate Facebook’s sweet 16th, I asked five people from different parts of the globe about their favorite platforms from the pre-Zuckerberg days. Most have been abandoned entirely, but some are still active today.”

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