Did You Know? Facebook’s New Pick-Up Lines Mix Business With Pleasure

By: Miranda Shulman

December 9, 2017

Facebook recently launched a new feature called “Did You Know,” aiming a series of icebreaker questions at users, who can choose to answer the questions, post them as their status or keep them private.

On the surface, “Did You Know” drives engagement in a playful way, building community by encouraging users to provide a more well-rounded online persona and get to know each other a little more. But the end-game of this whimsical feature is likely aimed at helping advertisers target consumers with more precision, rounding out demographic information with a much finer degree of granularity.


Some of the questions probe a user’s fantasies, and some get at the heart of consumer behavior, helping Facebook to get to know its users more intimately, and users to get to know including:



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