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How to Make the Most of Instagram Story Navigation Metrics

By: Sophie Maerowitz

June 6, 2019

Instagram business accounts produce one third of the highest engaged Stories on the platform. But how should businesses be benchmarking their Story efforts and taking action to further audience growth? Instagram’s native analytics (Insights) hold the key for social marketers who wish to iterate on recent successes.

Business accounts can view Story metrics over the course of a day, a week or two weeks.

We’ll wager that no brand is publishing the maximum number of Story posts allowed per day (100). But how to tell whether your story should be split into three 15-second segments, or five? Navigation metrics are your friend.

Navigation stats can signal when your audience starts to tune you out, and when they are eager to consume more of your output. To view Navigation metrics inside the Instagram app, business accounts can go to Insights>Content>Stories>tap on the blue text (which defaults to “Impressions”) and then choose from the “Filter by” dropdown.

Here are some questions to ask and steps to consider based on noteworthy jumps in any Navigation metric:

Back: The number of taps back to see the previous Story.

Forward: The number of taps to see the next Story before the current Story is completed. 

Next Story: The number of swipes to the next account’s Story.

Exited: The number of times people closed your Story.

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