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Is Facebook Live Streaming Right for You? 6 Questions to Ask

August 10, 2016

What is it about your product or service or company that brings people joy? This question is at the core of good messaging. You may have a lot of ideas about different content to create, but keep in mind that if you fail to “be yourself,” your attempts may fall flat.

This may prove especially true when it comes to live video, which can only be planned out to a certain extent. There’s not much to hide behind in this format, so if the content isn’t truly aligned with brand identity, it probably won’t work. But if you can figure out what will work for your brand, Paul Englert, vice president, marketing, C. Mondavi & Family, encourages you to jump into this new format and not wait for your competitors to prove how valuable it is.

Paul Englert, C. Mondavi & Family

Paul Englert, C. Mondavi & Family

At the Big 4 Social Media Summit in San Francisco on Aug. 10, Englert presented these six somewhat-rhetorical questions to those who are considering using Facebook Live. Although probably every brand wants to answer “yes” to each one, it’s worth doing some soul-searching to determine whether that answer would be true, and if not, how to get there in order to make live streaming worthwhile:

  1. Do you have an interesting product/service/business?
  2. Is your positioning/story/product intriguing?
  3. Is your company culture infectious?
  4. Do you want your most loyal fans to feel more engaged?
  5. Are you interested in inexpensive video content that can expand your reach?
  6. Would you like to have an intimate dialogue with your consumers?

An overarching point that Englert emphasized: Try new things, including live streaming and beyond. It will keep you ahead of the curve and ready for whatever the social media landscape throws at you in the future.

By: Ian Wright, PR News

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