[Infographic] How to Create Perfect Social Media Posts

July 28, 2016

Navigating the various social media platforms can be a little like traveling the globe. Each network has its own individual customs, languages and culture. If you want to thrive in such strange and often disparate arenas, you’re going to have to approach each social space on its own terms.

Some platforms have more in common than others, and you’ll find that much of what works in one place can be transferred across social media borders. However, there are still little tricks and gestures that may work on one platform, while if you do the same thing on another, you’ll go down in flames.

The same kind of content rarely finds success on both Instagram and Snapchat, for example. While Instagram natives are hungry for the kind of professional-level photography that made the platform famous, Snapchat’s young, transitorily minded audience loathes the kind of polish that works on Instagram.

Just as every traveler needs a pocket dictionary to help fumble through choppy conversations in a foreign tongue, myclever Agency created an infographic that should serve as a helpful reference for communicators who navigate the wide world of posting on social media.



By: Mark Renfree, PR News

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