Andrea Margolin

Senior Vice President

For more than 12 years, Andrea Margolin has been creating award-winning work that surprises, delights and pushes the boundaries of social media content for her clients. As a transplant from the San Francisco office, Margolin currently leads the social practice for FleishmanHillard Atlanta, and serves as chief storyteller for one of FleishmanHillards’s largest clients, AT&T Corporate Communications.

With roots in traditional PR, both in-house and agency experience, and a vast knowledge of the FleishmanHillard network, Margolin brings a combined perspective to all work she touches, which has proven invaluable to her clients and inspiring to her colleagues and those she mentors. In the past just-over-1.5-years on the AT&T account, she has taken the reins and led the team to create new work in ways the client hadn’t imagined before. By pioneering a new way of approaching social storytelling across AT&T’s social channels, Margolin opened the door for record-breaking campaigns, creative thinking and opportunities to stretch and break boundaries. The amazing metrics of her work are one thing, but it’s the work that she inspires that makes her the leader she is, according to her colleagues; it’s under her leadership that the social team feels the confidence to think big—and do even bigger.