Caroline Burger

Managing Director, Marketing & Communications - Accenture Public Service
Accenture LLP

Caroline Burger has led the development of a new strategy for Accenture Public Service that requires all of its content and client marketing programs to be “all in on social.” Burger developed a social go-to-market strategy targeting public service clients and establishing Accenture’s “People as a Channel.” She’s coordinated with its Marketing Operations, Marketing Analytics and Business leaders to leverage a unifying social platform that directly aligns its business with its marketing programs, and creates direct partnerships between Accenture subject matter experts and marketing teams to ensure that the Accenture Public Service social brand reflects its deep industry knowledge.

This approach includes planned weekly content sharing and social marketing support, targeted business social leader participation and a robust dashboard reporting the full range of participation and tracking through to one-to-one interactions. This program is not only developing new alliances between business and marketing leaders, but providing tangible data on the impact social interactions have on client relationships and new business opportunities. Burger has also been a motivating, supportive leader: She’s rolled her sleeves up to get into the weeds of this initiative, and she does the great work she expects from her team (her social sharing tops the reporting charts week after week).