Kandis Knight

PR | Digital Marketing
Young Kings Global, LLC | The Diop Agency
Kandis Knight, Young Kings Global, LLC | The Diop Agency

Kandis Knight is a veteran PR pro and marketing guru who has taken her talents to social media marketing. She has brought together different techniques of media art—including graphic design, motion graphics and video editing—which has fascinated brands like Atlantic Records, BET and Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Knight is also a mentor, molding young minds at Atlanta institutions like Morehouse College and Georgia Tech via the internship program Young Kings Global. Knight teaches her students advance skills in their majors—which include Management, Branding and Marketing—and also teaches each intern the significance of social media marketing and the influence it has on a brand.

Knight is “just getting started with her outreach within her platform,” according to Kayla (KP) Parker, CEO of Young Kings Global, LLC, who notes Knight uses “every opportunity to teach and give back to her community. Most importantly we get to grow and be a part of every step that she takes through the impact she has made through social media marketing.”