Shilpi Agarwal

Chief Social Data Analyst
Social Strategi

Shilpi is a Social Data Thought Leader who believes ‘Social (Media + Data + Good) = Growth’.

She leads Social Strategi, a Social Media Agency with Data Intelligence Chops that harnesses the power of Social Data Intelligence to strategize and execute Paid Media Campaigns for their Clients.

Armed with the power of understanding a Brand’s Ideal Audience using Social Consumer Insights coupled with the power of Intelligent Targeting, she helps reduce wasted ad spend and bring up to 5X return on investment.

When Shilpi is not busy managing high budget client campaigns, teaching growth hacking workshops, hosting a podcast, writing for The Social Business School, advising a Startup or being with her friends, she’s working on her book – ‘Social Data Intelligence: Strategies to Master Product, Launch and Growth’.