Case Studies: Leveraging YouTube to Maximize User Engagement

September 29, 2016

YouTube videos are a great way to connect with and expand your audience. And the potential for audience expansion is mind-blowing: YouTube reaches more 18-49-year-olds than the top 10 TV shows combines; 6 in 10 YouTube viewers say their views of a brand or company have been influenced by videos they’ve watched; YouTube has over a billion users, and every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours of YouTube videos. So while the potential for audience growth is great, the competition is beyond fierce. Your content needs to be catchy, creative and engaging. Come to this session to view YouTube content that works, and learn how your brand can use video to great effect.

In this session we’ll:
• Show you examples of brands that have effectively produced high-impact video
• Teach you how to create a compelling and cost-effective video strategy for YouTube
• Give you the only tips you’ll need to optimize your YouTube videos with keywords, title tags and descriptions to make your content easier to find
• Make better use of YouTube Analytics to stay on top of your video strategy
• Repurpose existing video content for YouTube
• Help you maximize your ROI on YouTube and other video platforms

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